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Blogs ‘n’ Tweets from LFCC ’10

I’m gonna be at Earls Court tomorrow for the annual London Film & Comic Con, from Showmasters. It’s THE big event to attend every  year and always eventful. So, seeing as I’m now running my own blog, I’m gonna be tweeting from the Con via JonCottage/ or by trending #lfcc.

My autograph list this year is pretty small compared to previous years, with Sean Pertwee, Julian Glover, Tom Noonan and Greg Rucka. I might see if I can get into Sean Young‘s queue for a signature on my ‘Blade Runner‘ BluRay, but the biggest name event of the day will be my photo op with The Shat! Yep, William Shatner will be at EC and I’m getting my pic taken with him. I’m taking the VHS sleeve from ‘Undiscovered Country‘ with me if the chance arises to get his auto but his line’s going to be shocking so I’m not holding out much faith there.

What with The DC Comics exhibition, Warner Bros. providing one of the Tumblers from ‘The Dark Knight‘ plus talks, anime streamed directly from and, of course, the dealers room; it’ll be a busy day!

I’ll be posting an review blog with pictures from the Con sometime on Sunday.


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Facebook’s gone for a burton………

I did it. I’m not exactly euphoric, but I am relieved. It was a ambitious leap, jumping from such a colossal bandwagon, but I landed safely.

This sheep had departed the flock.

I deactivated my Facebook account this evening.


I dread to think just how many days, nay, weeks…..christ, months worth of time I’ve wasted reading pathetically irrelevant updates, egotistical opinions, ‘Like’-ing posts and ‘ignoring’ Farmville and CafeWorld requests.

I guess it came down to a number of things including, but not exclusively, the recent privacy issues surrounding FB. Truthfully, I had over time, allowed a considerable set of wankers and egocentrics full access to my profile. The never-ending problem of adding people you hated at school etc etc.

So now, it’s the fourteen day countdown. Can’t come quick enough.

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