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Horror campaign hits 1000!

A big congratulatory pat on back for ‘cyberschzoid‘ for achieving 1000 names on the ‘Bring Back Horror‘ petition. However, now he’s reached this target, he’d like some more names (the more the merrier!) for an even BIGGER impact! So let’s all band together, spread the word and get him another 1000! After all, wasn’t it great last weekend when ‘It’s Alive’ was on BBC2? Did the schedules feel somewhat empty when there was no horror movie on the Beeb last night? This is your chance to right that wrong!

Here’s his blog from this morning:

The petition link:

Get cracking!


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“This….is my BROOMSTICK! D’OH!!!”

Or “Shop smart. Shop Kwik-e-Mart”

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‘Bring Classic Horror Back To The BBC’ JOIN THE CAMPAIGN!

I’ve just popped off an email to the Beeb’s ‘Points Of View’ and Radio Times about this march toward the reinstating of classic horror movies to the late-night weekend schedule on the Beeb. If you want to know more about it, then just click the following links and get cracking!

I worked from Noel Mellor’s template and sent this to Auntie:

“To whom it may concern,

My attention has been directed towards a campaign which I believe is very worthwhile and is being spearheaded online with a petition and twitter campaign.

As you will see, this relates to bringing classic horror movies from the likes of Hammer and Amicus back to the beeb – something I feel could be hugely beneficial for people who have never had the chance to revel in this part of our national cultural heritage.

Obviously, I realise that ‘taking over’ BBC 1 or 2 late on a Friday/Saturday night is way beyond impossible, but I seriously think (even if its just a season) horror double bills would be a great addition to, say, BBC 4 on a late evening slot. Indeed, in itself, BBC 4 is, with it’s output, a channel that you should all be very proud of.

I am a member of a household that pays it’s licence fee. However, there is currently nothing in your primetime schedule of interest for me, or other likeminded individuals. I have no interest in ballroom dancing, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dr Who or Casualty/Holby, but I don’t feel the need to complain about this as they are all part of a broad remit that I understand you have to serve – and the truth is they are all popular.

However, I do feel that a part of our British cinematic culture has been allowed to fall off the face of the planet and in a world where “horror” has become less theatrical and engaging, this would be a prime opportunity for one British institution to educate the “SAW” generation about two others, HAMMER and AMICUS, for example. Along with classic Universal Monsters and B-movie creature-features, it would be evidence that there is much more to the genre than just inexplicable and brutal violence for violence sake.

I hope this campaign – and indeed my email – gets the attention it deserves, please consider reinstating this great slice of British history to the place it truly deserves.”

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