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WH Smiths are refusing to stock SCREAM magazine, based solely on the content of the title’s cover. This is rank hypocrisy from the company, considering the more sexually explicit titles they currently stock within easy reach. I’m no prude, but their decision does not make sense and is not based upon any understanding of readership demographic or financial return. Therefore, please email WH Smiths to stock SCREAM magazine (you can use my email as a template if you want!) and let’s get them to reconsider:

I am given to understand that you have been approached to stock a newly-produced UK magazine with content relating to horror cinema named SCREAM MAGAZINE. I am also given to understand that you have recently declined to stock such a title as you do not feel the covers are appropriate to place on your shelves. May I point out to you that to make such a request to the developers and publishers is a contradiction, given that you already stock various titles which continue to display risque images on their front cover, including T3 (an excellent magazine aimed at fans of gadgets and technology but with what I regard as unnecessary sexual imagery on it’s cover every month) along with various ‘lads mags’ (GQ, Nuts, Loaded to name three), as well as open displays of such red-top “rags” such as ‘The Daily Sport’.

To reject an application to stock SCREAM magazine based upon what you perceive as an offensive or lurid cover is nothing short of hypocrisy. May I ask, is this the reason why many of your stores do not also stock FANGORIA magazine?

May I therefore request that you reconsider your decision not to stock SCREAM magazine forthwith based upon your misconceptions of what is offensive, taking into consideration those more lurid titles you already stock, and base your objections solely on readership and sales. SCREAM magazine is a newly-developed UK title and deserves the opportunity to be stocked across the UK by your chain for both maximum exposure and financial return for both parties.

I await your response.


March 6, 2011 - Posted by | Film

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