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Some very good news for the Classic Horror Campaign (well, possibly….)

Having sent an email to the BBC about the Classic Horror Campaign, on Wednesday I got an email (which turned into an eventual phone call) from a guy named Will at BBC Vision, Birmingham. Now, the long and the short of the conversation I had was that there may be ideas being floated around the Beeb about putting together “something” with Mark Gatiss relating to classic Horror (no doubt in conjunction with the upcoming 3-part documentary on BBC4 over October) and it’s fans, and would I be free over the next few weeks to take part!

At this point I started to get the impression that this guy was under the notion that I am responsible for the whole campaign, to which I categorically set the record straight (I am in no way responsible for it’s inception, running or hopefully, eventual success). Having enlightened Will as to the man who developed the campaign (not sure I can actually name him on here, so let’s go with his moniker ‘cyberschizoid‘), I suggested that they talk. So, having contacted ‘cyberschizoid’ later that day and brought him up to speed, suggesting that he speak to Will and passed on his phone number, that’s where things currently lie.

“Something” with Mark Gatiss? Hmmm? Watch. This. Space.


October 8, 2010 - Posted by | Film

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