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Rejoyce! A (little) bit more good news for the Horror campaign!

I’ve just got up and checked my Twitter feed. Lo and indeed, behold, there is a brief chat between Mark Gatiss (who I’ve met: charming fellow) and Robin Ince (who I’m seeing on stage on Monday as part of ‘Relief-O-Matic‘*, but I digress) in which Gatiss informs of a 3-part ‘History Of Horror’ documentary to be aired next month (which is….!) on BBC4, date TBC!

Is this just a case of coincidence or are the wheels finally turning? Of course, the documentary would have been in development for some time, and with it’s almost inevitable airing in October (very likely around Halloween), this is indeed positive news.

*’Relief-O-Matic‘ is a one-off comedy night at The Bloomsbury Theatre on Monday September 13th, is part of the ‘Protest The Pope’ campaign. All profits are going to AIDS prevention and relief projects. Last few tickets remaining!

Tickets and more after the jump:


September 11, 2010 - Posted by | Film

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