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Had to sign the petition again…

…with my first signature having been deleted (or at least, I couldn’t find it…). Still, I added this:

“By not acting upon the requirements of your demographic, regretably you are not committing to providing a broad range of entertainment. By bringing back classic Horror movies, wether it be in the form of a season here or there, or a single movie on consecutive weekends you would bear withness to an immediate rise in viewing figures from a considerable portion of the public who are feeling dissapointed with your current schedule.

I have been made aware that there is a 3-part Horror history program that may be aired on BBC4 (a channel with the most consistent, positive output, might I add) in the coming weeks? If so, is this the start of something bigger and more fruitful for those of us who appreciate the classic works of HAMMER, Amicus, Tigon etc?

The BBC is constantly under scrutiny these days, sometimes justifiably, other times not. Please, in the midst of this constant pressure to deliver strong competion to ward off the likes of Murdoch, don’t ignore our requirements. The BBC is STILL an institution and I, for one, would like it to remain as such. By complicance to our request, you would be on the road to strengthening your position as THE major broadcaster in the UK.

Thank you for your consideration.”


September 11, 2010 - Posted by | Film

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