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London Film & Comic Con 2010

Showmaters really did put on a fantastic show yesterday. So much to keep all those there entertained and enthralled. Particular kudos for the DC Comics Exhibition which was excellent, rounded off with a goodie bag which included a limited Alex Ross ‘Green Lantern’ print and a copy of ‘Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic’ on DVD!

There was much more room in EC2 this year also, what with the DC show, larger video gaming area and mini-theatre for live streaming from Therefore, unlike previous years, I hardly ever found myself pressed up against unwelcome body parts. Phew! The crew also did a fantastic job keeping it all running smoothly, and aside from a little hiccup regarding Shatner’s photo queue, they hardly faltered. They do a great job.

A plethora of toys, comics, DVD’s, posters, clothing and various other merch kept the dealer’s tables buzzing with traffic and the sound of opening and closing cash tins. So much great gear, never enough cash! (bit too much ‘Twilight’ crap, but it’s this year’s fad so…). I picked up a nice ‘Quatermass 2’ reprodution print, an inexpensive Joker canvas print, a reproduction Freddy glove (finally! I regretted not getting one back at LFCC ’07. Could have had Robert Englund sign that too.), another Gundam kit, a ‘Flash’ figure and the find of the day: a die-cast ‘Starsky & Hutch’ model ’76 Ford Torino! In the words of one Arnold J. Rimmer: “marvellous!”.

As for the guest, they we’re really well set out with both ‘Star War’ guests and William Shatner having been separated from the other, more generalized guests. This meant that it was easier for the traffic to move around the main signing area than in previous years and it really worked.

As for The Shat, it was hardly surprising that both the autograph and photo lines were HUGE, with the former a little more organised. Naturally, being so popular it really was an ‘in-and-out’ experience. No chatter, no personalisations. This was ok by me, but some, including the really annoying couple in front of me found this hard to accept (she kept faffing about with her camera!).

Robert Rankin was as warm, charming and dapper as ever. He always has a tale to tell and every show he’s at I always pick up his latest book, this time, ‘Retromancer‘. He even signed a limited print too while we talked for a moment about his yearly appearance at LFCC.

Sean Pertwee was cheery and full of his usual brand of swagger. Happily added ‘Sausages’ to my ‘Dog Soldiers‘. Just as I suspected, it wasn’t the first time he’d done that!

Tom Noonan looked somewhat nervous but was nonetheless polite and friendly. I figured it was probably that he rarely does conventions and therefore was somewhat overwhelmed by the reception he was receiving.

Julian Glover was a complete gentleman in every way and really rather busy. Very quiet but utterly charming. Whilst signing my ‘Quatermass & The Pit‘ DVD, he asked me if I still thought the film stood up today. I do and said so. It remains not only one of my favorite Hammer movies, but one of my most treasured flicks of all time.

Greg Rucka was just exceptional. After signing the story ‘Delivered’ from the ‘Hellboy: Odd Jobs’ collection, we talked about the origin of the story and it’s inspiration. He proceeded to tell me about the time when working at DC in NYC when, at the end of the day he and a few of the DC guys would sit at sundown in Central Park and have a smoke. As dusk set in, he would marvel at the change in the park’s population. Change as in species. Rats. Hundreds would descend at twilight to relcaim the park as their territory and this, Rucka recounted, unnerved him somewhat (‘Delivered’ tells the tale of Hellboy loosing his gun (the Samaritan) in Central Park, whilst looking astounded at the rats taking over the park in a similar fashion. In his attempt to discover who (or what) has taken it, he is introduced to Mick, a six-foot talking rat, who arranged for the theft of the gun so he could introduce himself to Red in an attempt to forge dealings with the BPRD. A quintessentially ‘Hellboy’ notion)

I didn’t take a multitude of snaps, but here’s what I did get:


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