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Vader has left the building….

This is pretty shitty from LFL. Ok, so Prowse has played the Vader card so often it’s become somewhat pathetic. The man is so much more than one role, one in which we never even saw his face. For my generation, he’ll be the Green Cross Code man as much as Luke’s Father (spoiler?), and just as much for me as ‘ol Frankie in the Hammer classic, ‘Revenge Of Frankenstein’.

I met David Prowse (finally) at last year’s London Film and ComiCon. He signed my ‘Star Wars’ poster, along with Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker and Gary Kurtz. He signed in his usual fashion: “Dave Prowse IS Darth Vader”. So was James Earl Jones, Sebastian Shaw and *cough* Hayden Christensen. I was happy to meet the man beyond the mask that terrified me so much as a kid, but I couldn’t help but feel that to sign such a comment, one which he has committed to a multitude of different photos and pieces of memorabilia, was somewhat of a cheap shot over his dismay of being overdubbed by James Earl Jones way back in ’77. Bill Bailey put it best: how could have Vader come from the West Country? “Ooh, the Force is strong in this’un!”

Even after all this though, I still got to meet someone who’ve I’ve admired for years and, regardless of what he wrote, or his slight sullenness, I’m still happy I met him. I’m the only person I know who has and that means a lot.

LFL have enacted a pathetic swipe at Prowse. Leave him well alone. Let him say what he wants to say and sign what he wants to sign. Maybe if the Bearded One had been upfront from the start and stipulated that his vocal performance was not going to be used in the final cut, then none of this sorry tail this evening would have emerged.

Here’s the link:


July 10, 2010 - Posted by | Film, Sci-Fi

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